The Big Draw 2016 at Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

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The Big draw is the world biggest drawing festival. Also in the Netherlands every year around this period many drawing events are being held at many places.

This time we went to the Rijksmuseum. Amazing to see so many people drawing in the big atrium! It was fully full so we moved to the small atelier “ Picknick” where we could draw all kind of old objects such as bones, shells and stones
Everyone got their own nice sketchbook and pencils. Can you believe that this is a workshop for free!
Our  eldest son found the objects there are a bit difficult to draw and stopped. Then the instructor gave him the kind tip to look at the main lines of structure of each objects. He started to draw again easily.  Our youngest was also at first a bit hesitating to draw the weird looking objects but once he started to draw, he became obsessed to draw many objects. We also enjoyed looking at the other people drawing. I’m looking forward this season next year too.
週末にライクスミュージアムで、The Big Drawのイベントに参加してきました。The Big Drawは、イギリス発、世界最大のドローイングイベントです。毎年、この時期になると、世界各国、そしてオランダでもいろいろな土地でワークショップが開催されます。私たちは去年と同じく、(去年の記事はこちら。)ライクスミュージアムに行ってきました。



また、来年もThe Big Drawの季節がくるのが楽しみです。

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