Summer Painting // Sunflower

It is Summer vacation! We are happy to have some relaxing time to paint.
This morning I let them choose the theme of painting looking through some art books, then Van Gogh’s sunflower caught their attention.
We started to sketch with the pencil and painted with water color. ” I will use yellow and dark yellow just like Van Gogh” ” I want to make different kind of sunflower, then it could be blue too!?” Always nice to hear such a conversation during painting. I love their bright sunflower painting.

In the afternoon they wanted to paint again. This time we painted a watermelon before eating them. Watermelon shape is not that hard for them so we were looking for some ideas and to make a bit different background. Finally they got inspired by the pointillism paintings for background to finish. How lovely are their paintings?

今朝は久しぶりに、絵を描こうと思い立ち、いくつかの美術の本を一緒にめくっていくと、ゴッホのひまわりの絵を気に入った様子の息子たち。さっそく ちょうどわがやにあったひまわりを見ながらスケッチをはじめました。




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