Miso making workshop at Malicafe Amsterdam



Almost one year ago, I joined the workshop of Miso making at Malicafe. Miso is the basic paste to make Japanese Miso Soup. When I was living in Japan, I have never thought that I will make the miso by myself. The founder of Malicafe,  Marika is so passionate about teaching people on fermented food. With her enthousiastic explanation and her delicious creation, I became  immediately a big fan of her.

This time I joined with my oldest son. He knows Miso from the soup naturally which he has almost everyday. But to know the process of making miso, it was just a surprising experience. We started with tasting miso from different areas so we could experience the difference. After that we started to make miso!
It was so much fun to make the Miso with children since the process is just like playing with clay. But of course, to make proper Miso, we have to do several things with care, for example, how to put the Miso in the container so the Mise does not rot that easily.

We can enjoy tasting this miso about one year later. By this simple fact my son was already quite shocked. We are so looking forward to taste one year later.

If you are interested, please check her website or facebook page. She often organize different kinds of wokrshops.


text and photos by Soona

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