Leandro Elrich at Mori Art Museum



We visited Mori Art Museum  in Tokyo at the end of the year to see Leandro Elrich’s exposition “Seeing and believing”. Leandro Elrich’s work is probably best known from The Swiminnig pool which you can see at Voorlindenmuseum in The Netherlands. Our boys enjoyed to stay inside of The Swiminnig pool indeed. So I was sure we could also enjoy this expo at Mori Art Museum.

Beginning with the flowing  boats in the darkness, the cloudy country maps, then the big installation Building! His work really plays with perceptions. You have never imagined how long kids can stay here to create any kind of weird/interesting postures. It was really nice experience for us. If you are in Tokyo, highly recommended for family. This expo is till April 2018.


Leandro Elrich ” Seeing and believing”
till 1 April 2018

at Mori Art Museum
in Roppongi, Tokyo





text and photos by Soona

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