Creating Xmas card for Tohoku Santa Soul Train

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We gave a “creating a X’mas card” workshop to children at Oyakokai Amsterdam inspired by the project “Tohoku Santa Soul Train” to send Xmas cards to disaster survivors after the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami hit Japan’s North East territory in 2011.

Kyoko from Kyoko Kinder Kunst Klas created a script and we played first a mini-theatre using Nijntje (Miffy) to explain more about what happened to the children.

Then we started making  X’mas cards. Some children focused on pasting the stickers very carefully, some made really beautiful illustrations, others enjoyed to stamp using stencils of X’mas motifs. Everybody expressed on their own way and it looks amazing!

We used a special Japanese bamboo paper from Awagami Factory and also used the handmade eco inks from the recipe by Atelier Chika Ito. Ink color of yellow is from curkuma powder, red is from beet juice and green from gerstegras.

We wish the beautiful cards with lots of love will arrive to the children in Tohoku safely and bring a big smile on their faces!

今回は、東北大地震で被害にあわれた宮城県南三陸町のこどもたちに、O.G.A for Aid というボランティアグループが、クリスマスカードを送るというプロジェクト「Tohoku Santa Soul Train」に、アムステルダムのOyakokai Amsterdamとして参加し、みんなでクリスマスカードづくりをしました。




スタンプに使用したインクはAtelier Chika Itoの手作りエコインクのレシピを元に用意しました。緑は大麦若葉、赤はビーツジュース、黄色はターメリックの色です。



credit //

O.G.A for Aid – Tohoku Santa Soul Train

Awagami Factory アワガミファクトリー

Atelier Chika Ito

Kyoko Kinder Kunst Klas

Oyakokai Amsterdam @ Jacaranda Tree Montessori


Images by Emi Tsutsushio

Text by Soonhwa

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