Autumn Craft _ Funny face making with leaves and cardboard

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I love  collecting  autumn leaves with kids at the botanical garden nearby and was thinking about what to do with these colorful treasure this year.

Coincidentally I got the opportunity to give a craft workshop together with Emi  for a kids play group, Oyakokai. So we thought about making funny faces.

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We started with reading the children book “Kao kao donna kao” first to see what kinds of expressions of the face we have.
Then children picked up the color filled cardboard and started to make their own funny face.
Angry face, happy face, annoyed face…. they wonderfully created different expressions.
Great to see them playing together while holding their different cardboard faces.

まずは、工作の前に『かお かお どんなかお』(柳原 良平作)の絵本を読んで、どんな顔の表情があるのか一緒に観察しました。




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Workshop creation by Emi & Soona from Flatto 81

Text and images by Soona

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